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    What Are Other Prep Schools Saying About Deerfield?

    The Scroll recently reached out to students from seven New England boarding schools to see what was being said on their campuses about the Big Green. The admissions page of the Deerfield website states, “Deerfield is a vibrant, diverse community of students and staff, and families who live and ...
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    Humans of Deerfield

    In 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton began taking photographs of citizens of New York City, learning their stories and including quotes about his subjects alongside the portraits he posted on his blog, Humans of New York. Four years later, his Facebook page has over four million likes, with each ...
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    Be Worthy of Your Heritage

    The Deerfield motto, “Be Worthy of Your Heritage,” reflects the value our school places on honoring the traditions of the past, while still upholding a certain set of principles for our community as we move toward the future. Although we have many traditions and aspects of life here that tie us ...
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    Interview with Bill O’Neil of Bill and Pete

    Why did you create Bill and Pete? Pete and I are big fans of WEEI radio; a Boston radio sports talk show. When we heard that there was space available on the Deerfield Radio airtime, we just kind of did it. So the show is called Bill and Pete but Carey Danforth is a co-host, elaborate? This past ...
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New Scroll Video: Summer 2014

by Emily Yue '16 Video Editor in Multimedia

The Deerfield Scroll captures what summer is like through the eyes of Video Editor Emily Yue ...



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