The strength of any school is measured in the record of service of her alumni. Here, we share the perspectives of our students and alumni and share a bit of our history, by providing a peek into those special moments of the Deerfield experience.

While Deerfield remains grounded in its mission, we strive towards even higher ideals. Our Imagine Deerfield Strategic Plan outlines the major initiatives we’re pursuing in order to ensure that Deerfield’s timeless lessons remain relevant in the modern age.

Our Mission

Deerfield Academy Mission Statement

Deerfield Academy is an independent secondary school committed to high standards of scholarship, citizenship, and personal responsibility. Through a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, extensive co-curricular program, and supportive residential environment, Deerfield encourages each student to develop an inquisitive and creative mind, sound body, and strong moral character. Set in a historic village bounded by river, hills, and farms, Deerfield inspires reflection, study and play, abiding friendships, and a defining school spirit. A vibrant, ethical community that embraces diversity, the Academy prepares students for leadership in a rapidly changing world that requires global understandingenvironmental stewardship, and dedication to service.

Tradition and Translation

Imagine Deerfield

Imagine Deerfield is our strategic plan (and also the name of a capital campaign which finances the work) designed to preserve those values and traditions which have made Deerfield unique, while preparing our students and teachers for leadership in a complex, technologically driven world.  See an overview of our plans, or browse some of the specific initiatives we’re working on.