Sports & Co-Curriculars

After classes, every afternoon provides students with a plethora of co-curricular opportunities, from athletics to visual and performing arts to community service projects and club activities. Nearly all Deerfield students play a sport, and the Academy has a long and proud tradition in athletics, as well as an outstanding record on stage, in the studio, and in the local community. No matter where you are found after last period, it is certain that you will be in the company of teachers you have seen throughout the day, and the classmates who worked beside you. What is also certain is that the learning (and fun!) will go on. 

At Deerfield the concept of “healthy mind in healthy body” is alive and well, and sports also provide an opportunity for building both personal character and friendships. There is nothing quite like the joy to be found outside in the crisp fall air, kicking a soccer ball with teammates on the Lower Level or swinging a tennis racquet on a warm spring afternoon; in the winter, skates carve the ice in the hockey rink as fans cheer the power play, and the squeak of sneakers on well-polished basketball courts fills the gymnasium. Deerfield’s athletic facilities include the Dewey Squash Center, featuring ten championship international squash courts, three basketball courts, a wrestling room, an indoor hockey rink, and a natatorium with an eight-lane pool and separate diving well. A spacious fitness center with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weightlifting equipment is used by teams and individuals alike. Outdoor programs enjoy 90 acres of athletic fields, two Sportexe synthetic turf fields, tennis courts (including two paddle tennis courts), a boathouse and crew facility, and an eight-lane, 10 mm full pour track surface with high and long jump, pole vault, shot put, and discus areas. From varsity to recreational offerings, there’s a place on the team for everybody who wants to play. 

The Arts…as a Cocurricular

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a ticket to a Deerfield play or find to find a seat for the choreography showcase because so many people come to enjoy these events; friends shout encouragement and standing ovations are the norm. Sometimes the show goes on the road, and on more than one occasion Deerfield students have performed at the American High School Theater Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Student art exhibitions are held throughout the year, and there are numerous performances by the Academy Chorus, orchestra, and the wind, rock, and jazz bands. The Chamber Music Ensemble, Madrigal Choir, and a cappella groups also provide opportunities for both participation and entertainment. Students interested in dance may explore modern, jazz, hip-hop, and ballet, with the chance to perform all three terms. The final note? All students are encouraged to participate in the visual or performing arts regardless of their level of experience. In the fall of 2014, Deerfield students will enjoy completely remodeled and expanded facilities when the Academy’s new Arts Center opens.