Science, Math, and Technology

At Deerfield, students tackle key issues in sciencemath and technology with a comprehensive course of project-oriented study. Students explore their subjects in a hands-on fashion, taking advantage of Deerfield’s excellent laboratory spaces. The goal is understanding not that a scientific process exists or a mathematical theorem works, but why and how. A science, math and technology symposium every year provides students with the opportunity to present findings from their independently pursued projects. 

To facilitate the interplay of technology and education, each student is issued an Apple laptop at the beginning of their time at Deerfield. Classrooms are outfitted with projection systems and some of the newest technology. Teachers are encouraged to utilize available technology to enhance the learning experience and each course section has a Moodle page to assist in the sharing of information relating to the class. The ITS Help Desk is available to help students and faculty solve any problems they may have with school technology.

One emergent theme throughout the curriculum is environmental sustainability. Several classes are explicitly devoted to the study of environmental issues, but nearly every class – particularly in science – touches on it in one way or another. Outside of science, statistics and other mathematics classes evaluate electrical production and usage on campus to determine what can be done to improve sustainability. This information is obtained through the use of technology designed to promote efficiency, and is tabulated in the campus energy dashboard to allow easy tracking of electrical usage.