Writing at Deerfield

©COONEY-120119-204While writing is an important part of the Deerfield curriculum across all disciplines, it receives special emphasis in the English department. From English I, where freshmen learn the fundamentals of strong persuasive writing, students work their way through Deerfield’s rigorous writing curriculum, which culminates in a senior meditation, a long, reflective piece that students present to their classmates. Some excerpts of meditations and other student pieces can be found to the right along with faculty writing. 

As with all of Deerfield’s academic departments, the primary characteristic of the writing program is the balance between support and rigor. Deerfield’s English teachers consistently challenge their students to improve their writing, while providing the guidance necessary for growth. With a range of backgrounds and experiences, the English Faculty offers a varied and challenging curriculum that thrives on a diverse mix of writing assignments. Even as students learn the fundamentals of persuasive and formal writing, they are also introduced to creative writing in the classroom as an outlet for expression and means of better understanding the literature they study. Senior English electives in particular offer writing in less traditional forms, as students delve into specific and interesting subject matter with the strong base established during their first three years at Deerfield.

Outside of the classroom there are many opportunities to write, as students contribute to the school newspaper, The Deerfield Scroll, as well as Albany Road, Deerfield’s student literature and art publication printed through the Deerfield Academy Press. In addition, the English Department publishes the Little Brown House Review, a collection of exemplary student writing. Students with talent in writing may also pursue independent projects either as a directed study, or in place of their co-curricular activity.