Groups and Clubs

Deerfield offers students a wide and varied group of clubs and organizations. Students publish newspapers, magazines, books, and websites. They debate at other schools and regional competitions. They organize to raise funds for disaster relief. They climb mountains and hike trails. They play chess, Go, and Frisbee

If you are passionately concerned about human rights issues, or international relations, or political debate, you will find a club or organization to join. Interested in fly-fishing? Eager to explore the wilderness and develop survival skills? There are clubs for those activities as well… and if you have an interest that’s not represented, you’re welcome to start a club of your own. A club fair each fall allows students the opportunity to join existing clubs and organizations on campus, but students also form new clubs every year. Some of Deerfield’s clubs include:

Albany Road

The literary and art magazine of Deerfield Academy. Published twice annually, in winter and spring, this magazine contains outstanding contributions from student writers and artists. For more information, contact faculty advisors Andrea Moorhead and Robert Moorhead. All students are invited to submit their work.

Asian Student Alliance (ASA)

The ASA is for all students interested in delving into Asian-related themes. The goal of the club is to create a community of students who represent the variety of opinions on Asian-related issues and help to educate the student body.

Christian Fellowship

Led by students and faculty, Christian Fellowship facilitates and holds meetings of prayer, song, testimony, and exploration of the Bible. It hosts guest speakers and musicians, offers retreats, and participates in outreach programs throughout the year. Deerfield Christian Fellowship encourages those who are Christian to grow in their faith and those who are unsure about their faith to explore their spirituality.

Deerfield Black Student Alliance (DBSA)

The Deerfield Black Student Alliance’s mission is to educate, inform, and spread awareness of the diversity within the black community. A support group for members of this alliance is offered, but it is also advocated that other members of the Deerfield community also become involved.

Deerfield Diversity Alliance

DDA helps to educate the community about issues related to diversity and multiculturalism, promotes tolerance on campus, and acts as a forum for various support groups.

Deerfield Environmental Action Group (DEAG)

DEAG seeks to protect the local environment and raise school-wide consciousness on environmental issues.

Deerfield Multiracial Alliance (DMA)

DMA focuses on the struggles faced by students of mixed or adopted heritage through discussing current issues, organizing events, and sharing personal stories.

Deerfield View

A political journal committed to raising questions and inspiring the exchange of thought. 

Fire Department Volunteers

At the end of their sophomore and junior years, Deerfield students may apply to be members of Company 10 of the Deerfield Fire Department. The Fire Chief, our Director of Safety and Security, and the Dean of Students select firefighters.

Food Committee

Students meet with representatives of the Dining Hall every Thursday at lunchtime to discuss the Dining Hall’s upcoming menus. This committee’s purpose is to provide a communication link between the student body and Dining Hall staff.

Green Key

Green Key is a group of junior and senior students who introduce incoming students to Deerfield. Each member of the group is assigned one or two new students. The job of a Green Key is to make the transition of new students to Deerfield as easy as possible by showing them around for the first few weeks and being a reliable friend. 

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

The Deerfield Gay-Straight Alliance strives to provide a safe space for students to discuss and explore issues present in the GLBTQ community. By voicing the message of equality and tolerance, the alliance hopes to impact those students who feel oppressed, bullied, or repressed by their peers. As a support group for queer students and their allies, the GSA provides resources and an outlet for anyone to voice their opinions or questions to an open and accepting group of people.


The Initiative at DEerfield Academy is an enrichment and fulfillment program supported by Deerfield Academy that is intended to provide students, faculty, friends, and the community with opportunities to explore traditions, cultures, artistic mediums, and ways of living.

International Student Alliance (ISA)

As an all-inclusive club, the International Student Alliance seeks to foster a welcoming and tolerant community for all students, celebrate diversity on campus, and promote unity and connection between different student groups at Deerfield.

Jewish Student Alliance (JSA)

A student and faculty group that meets periodically to celebrate Jewish holidays and discuss issues of interest. All students and faculty are welcome.

Latin American Student Alliance (LASA)

LASA is an un-exclusive support group for Latin American students and those interested in Latin American culture. It is aimed to help further advance the agenda of Latino/a students at Deerfield Academy by endorsing cultural awareness and understanding and by urging students to engage in culture exchange.

Native American Cultural Alliance (NACA)

The mission of the Native American Cultural Alliance is to promote increased awareness and foster understanding, respect, and appreciation of Native American culture, traditions, and history within Deerfield Academy and its respective community.

Peer Counselors

A group of juniors and seniors act as helpful listeners and sources of support and information for their peers. Peer Counselors can be reached during office hours in the basement of the Health Center (Dewey House), around campus, or in their dorms. All conversations are confidential. Visit the Peer Counseling Site.

Peer Tutors

A group of sophomore, junior, and senior academic leaders who apply to be tutors in specific subject areas. Groups of peer tutors rotate evenings “on duty” in the library for students to drop in for extra help. They are also available for one-on-one tutoring, and are matched up with students in need by a select group of experienced head peer tutors. Head peer tutors attend a leadership-training program and are integrally involved in academic orientation for new students at the start of each school year.


Boarding proctors are seniors who live on underclassmen corridors; day student proctors are assigned to underclassmen day student proctees. All proctors provide their proctees guidance and friendship throughout the year. Proctors are identified through a selection process each spring.

Row Captains

This is a group of selected juniors and seniors who take attendance at all sit-down meals. These students are not assigned to a sit-down table and eat downstairs in the Parker Room.

The Scroll

The Academy’s student-run newspaper. A hard-working editorial board coordinates a cast of writers and photographers to produce the widely read paper, which is published nine times a year in both print and as an online edition.

SPAM (Student Programs and More)

SPAM is a group of students who work with the Director of Student Activities to plan activities for weekends and other events both on and off campus. They plan dances, schedule bands, organize day trips, and more.

Student Council

The Student Council is composed of class officers and forms a liaison between students and faculty/administration. The council also reviews petitions from any support group or club that wishes to receive funds for projects. The council meets every Sunday evening after sit-down dinner.

Tour Guides

Do you like to go for walks? To meet new people? To share your love of Deerfield? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps you should become a Deerfield tour guide.