The arts at Deerfield contribute greatly to the vibrancy and dynamism of campus life. A variety of performances and exhibitions mean that Deerfield students are always encountering and engaging in art. From the most basic painting and drawing classes, to advanced tutorials in acting and dancing, nearly every Deerfield student participates in the arts at some point.


Art remains one of the most profound means of self-reflection available to young scholars. It provides a different way of developing one’s mind and body. Deerfield’s devoted arts faculty – most of whom are talented practicing artists themselves – provide the guidance and support students need to meet their artistic potential. They serve as mentors and advisors to those students who wish to pursue art, and instill in their students a love of artistic expression.

In order to graduate from Deerfield, each student must take at least two terms of the visual and performing arts, but opportunities to pursue art extend far beyond the classroom. Students may choose to participate in art as a co-curricular. Examples include involvement in theater productions, dance, musical groups, and visual arts exemptions. Through long-term involvement in specific programs, students often become leaders in their area of talent, and can help younger students improve their skills. 


It is also common for students to engage in individual projects. These have ranged from fairly simple art projects, to film projects, to directing a play. Whatever students decide to pursue in the arts, they always have the full support of the arts faculty and the Academy, and are encouraged to share their work with the rest of the school.

A number of respected artists visit Deerfield throughout the year to share their talents and insight with the community. In the past few years, these visitors have included the Alvin Ailey dance company, the a cappella group Take 6, and actors John Douglas Thompson and Matthew Fox. Having these artists at Deerfield encourages involvement in the arts, while enhancing the artistic atmosphere of the campus.

View a gallery of arts pieces and events by Deerfield students and faculty.