Deerfield People

Deerfield is a vibrant, diverse community of students, faculty & staff, and families who live and work at a school where the core values of courtesy and work ethic guide school life.

The Academy’s 600+ students live and learn in an atmosphere of warmth and support. There is a spirit of mutual respect and caring in virtually every activity at Deerfield. This is to a great degree derived from the friendships among students, and with mentors on the faculty and staff—in the classrooms, service programs, dormitories, Dining Hall, and on the playing fields. It is the tradition of this spirit that Deerfield feels is worth preserving and that is treasured by all of its alumni.


student playing guitarDeerfield Boys and Girls

For each Deerfield student, life beyond the classroom is filled with opportunities for personal discovery and community involvement. Students have the chance to live with friends from all over the United States and the world, to captain a team or debate in an international competition, to act, sing, dance, or applaud the performance of others, to learn from and receive the support of enthusiastic teachers and coaches, and to experience the thrill and the pride of being a Deerfield student.

Regardless of a student’s background, schoolmates respect a competent musician, a quick mind, a hard-working swimmer, or a fluent linguist. Every student at Deerfield can have an experience shaped for and by his or her abilities and interests. What each experience shares is a commitment to the Deerfield values—tolerance, honesty, and decency.

Day Students

Throughout its history Deerfield has a tradition of day students contributing to its community life. In fact, Deerfield started out, back in 1797, as a day school. Day students are complete members of the Deerfield community. They often remain on campus until late evening to study and socialize with friends. They are welcome at all meals, weekend activities, and all school functions. Day students have senior proctors and a centrally located lounge, which serves as an on campus “home base.” They are also assigned to residential corridors and encouraged to attend weekly feeds and other dormitory functions. Day students and their families add a tremendous amount to the richness of the Deerfield community.

And yet, it can be challenging to be a day student in a “boarding” school. We understand the effort families make on a daily basis to transport, support, and nurture their children. The Dean of Students office provides car pool lists, weather updates, and other timely and specific information for day student families.

For more information on day student admission policies, please contact the Admission Office 

Postgraduate Students

Each year Deerfield accepts between 20 and 25 highly qualified high school graduates into the postgraduate program. Postgraduates live in upper-class dormitories (with juniors and seniors) and are considered members of the Deerfield senior class. They are eligible to participate in all aspects of life at the Academy.

A postgraduate course of study normally includes an English elective, a mathematics course, and three other elective courses. Because of the breadth of course offerings at the senior level, postgraduates have considerable flexibility in their course selection and may elect an academic program that best meets their needs, interests, and college aspirations.

Postgraduates must follow the normal process for applying to Deerfield. If you have any questions, please contact the Admission Office.

International Students

Deerfield is proud of its diverse student population and of its international students, who comprise approximately 16.4% of the student body. In 2014-2015 Deerfield’s international students represent 39 countries.

New international students are invited to a special orientation program, beginning two days before the other new students arrive in September, to get to know the school and each other and to recover from jet lag. The International Club offers any Deerfield student the opportunity to share his or her culture through informal socializing, dances, and ethnic meals; the Club also organizes trips around New England.

The International Student Advisor, Francoise Ellis, oversees the implementation of these programs.

Faculty and Staff

New-Web-June15-5996More than any other measure of a school is the quality and commitment of its faculty and staff. The Deerfield faculty is exceptional in its intellectual breadth and depth, its dedication to the education of young people, and its belief in the values encapsulated in the Academy’s motto “Be Worthy of Your Heritage.” Our staff is recognized nationally and internationally as the best of the best.

Deerfield faculty contributions extend well beyond the campus and include service to their profession. Seventy-one percent possess advanced degrees in their fields, and many are actively involved in advanced study. Faculty members have served as writers of Advanced Placement examinations and as national readers of those exams. Their number includes a Rhodes Scholar, three Klingenstein Fellows, and several Fulbright Fellowship holders. Many have been awarded summer Klingenstein or National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships.

All faculty live on or near campus. They work with students in many different ways whether academic, co-curricularextracurricular or residential. They teach, coach, and counsel students. They supervise dormitory social life, oversee tables in the Dining Hall for family-style meals, and advise the full range of student publications, club activities, and performing arts groups. The Academy community is well served by this extraordinary group.