Craig_102313 2013-10-23 (55)The inscription on Deerfield’s seal reads: “Be Worthy of Your Heritage.” At Deerfield, we understand heritage to mean more than just the legacy of those who came before. It is an all-encompassing identity and set of core values that the community lives by, accorded by a long line of dedicated students and faculty dating back to 1797. Respecting and valuing our heritage is the reason we still have traditions like sit-down meals, Choate Day, and the singing of the Evensong. But it is also the reason we reestablished coeducation and continue to develop our curriculum and campus to meet the educational demands of the 21st century.

The understanding that tradition, heritage, and history are dynamic forces—not confined to the past—is vital for the realization of Deerfield’s mission.

We invite you to take a look back through over two hundred years of Deerfield history, delve into the archives, read school publications, meet the students and faculty that continue Deerfield’s strong tradition, peruse job opportunities, or just get a quick sense of our school.