Ada Fan

English Teacher

Ada teaches English in Arms 53 and lives in Bewkes with her husband, Academic Dean Peter Warsaw, and a floor of girls; she also advises The Scroll. For over 20 years she taught at Andover, where she also lived in dorms, coached, led outdoor groups, and worked with campus museums. She believes in incorporating Historic Deerfield (& PVMA resources) into her classes. Her undergraduate concentration at Harvard-Radcliffe was Folklore & Mythology (special field: English); and she has a master's and PhD in English literature from the University of Rochester, also a master's in film from Boston University. Before becoming a boarding school teacher she worked as a journalist. Occasionally the Warsaw-Fan daughters, violinist Arianna (with fiancé Stephan) and cellist Marina, visit from Berlin. The household dog, Hogan, is mellowing . . .