Faculty and Staff

Lucas Aldrich HVAC/Plumbing Technician
Guy Ardrey Senior Leadership Gifts Officer
Audrey Armes Associate Director of Athletics
Laurie Arsenault Medical Chaperone
John Attesi HVAC Technician
Barbara Avery Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Christina Bardwell Dance Lesson Instructor
Justin Baronas HVAC/Pipefitter Technician
Louise Barrows-Hamelin Dining Hall Prep Crew
Charles Bartholomew Security Officer
Jennifer Bealer Administrative Assistant to the Annual Fund
Catherine Becklo Admission Assistant
Ashley Berard Greer Store Clerk
Suzanne Berger Director of Parent Giving
Anthony Berner Ensemble Coach, Music Lesson Instructor
Elizabeth Bertini Franseen Children's School Director
Samuel Bicknell Assistant Dean of Students, Sophomore Class Dean, Language Teacher
Noah Blake Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Pamela Bonanno Math Department Chair, Math Teacher
Richard Bonanno Math Teacher
Janet Boston Dining Hall Inter-Dept Billing Manager
Alfred Breor General Kitchen Crew
Daniel Brooks Groundsperson
Sarah Brooks Health Center Assistant
Christopher Brown Carpenter
Nancy Burniske Health Center Office Manager
Raymond Burniske Assistant Grounds Supervisor
Sheryl Cabral Assistant Academic Dean, Math Teacher, Assistant Study Skills Coordinator
Sara Cahillane Assistant Director of Human Resources
David Cardaropoli General Kitchen Crew Supervisor
John Carney Security Officer
Christopher Carpenter Dining Hall Production Manager
Michael Cary Advancement Officer for Special Projects
Donald Charest Dining Hall Storeroom Manager
Lori Clark Dance Lesson Instructor
Steven Collazo General Kitchen Crew
Julie Collins Director of Business Services
Amy Connelly Children's School Teacher
Matthew Coombs Prep Crew
Nicolene Corey Greer Store Cook
Kathleen Coughlin Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Advancement
Brianna Courey Campus Store Sales Associate
Lindsay Crosby Coach
Dennis Cullinane Science Teacher, Science Department Chair
Michael Curtis Security Officer
Cara Cusson Administrative and Production Assistant
Sarah Darling Staff Accountant
Charles Davis Director of Athletics, History Teacher
Jessica Day Associate Director of Communications and Managing Editor, Deerfield Magazine
Joseph Delaney Communication Support Specialist
Judy Delaney Louis Cafe Clerk
Christopher Desautels Custodian
Jarred DeVaughn-Brown
Betsey Dickson Director of the Annual Fund
Debra Diemand Director of Administrative Services
Patrik Diemand Evening Salad Chef
Danae DiNicola Electronic Communications Specialist
James Dion Security Officer
Carol Dion
Carol Dion Admission and Financial Aid Administrator
Roger Doiron Dining Hall Purchasing Manager
Erin Donnally Drake
John Downie Supervisor, Carpentry/Paint
Terry-Sue Driver Prep Crew/Custodian/Chaperone
Christine Dubreuil Administrative Assistant to the Director of Boyden Library
Denise Dwelley Groundsperson
Janet Eckert Research and Discovery Librarian
Rebecca Eldredge Music Lesson Instructor
Jeffrey Emerson Assistant Dean of Students, Science Teacher
Lynne Esworthy Library Acquisitions and Textbook Coordinator
Amanda Ewing
Amanda Ewing Facilities Assistant
Shirley Farrington General Kitchen Crew Supervisor
Manuel Joseph Ferrer Special Events Chef
Keith Finan Associate Head of School for Operations, Chief Financial Officer
Charles Fournier Electrician
Jean Fournier Executive Assistant to the Dean of Faculty
Robert Fritz-Ellis Greer Store Cook
Jeffrey Galli Senior Manager, Construction Projects & Planning
Caryn Gardner Medication Nurse & Assistant Director of Nursing
Curtis Garey Dining Hall Prepp Crew
Heather Garey Bus Driver, Security Officer
Joseph Garey Shipping & Receiving Supervisor
David Gendron
David Gendron Director of Safety and Security
Brett Gewanter Manager, Grounds & Infrastructure Construction
Eileen Gingras Children's School Teacher
Jeffrey Gonyer Groundsperson
Victor Gonzalez General Kitchen Crew
Eric Goodchild Music Lesson Instructor
Holly Gray Senior Accountant
Gary Grybko HVAC/Plumbing Supervisor
Thomas Hagamen Director of Medical Services
Linnea Hall Web Services & RSVP Coordinator
Jennifer Hammond Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Laura Harcourt Administrative Assistant to the Academic Dean
Lindel Hart Yoga Teacher
Janice Hartwell Dining Hall Prep Crew
Margery Heins Music Lesson Instructor
Helen Hicks Manager of Database Services
John Hobin Institutional Locksmith/Physical Security Specialist
Jan Hostage Director of Advancement Research
Dai Huynh General Kitchen Crew
Deahenn Jarvis Salad Bar Manager
David Karbon Security Officer
Janice Kari
Janice Kari Director of Human Resources
Robert Kearney Assistant Athletic Trainer
Patricia Kelly Assistant Library Director
Donna Kimball
Donna Kimball Admission Visit and Tour Guide Coordinator
Boris Kogan Ensemble Coach, Music Lesson Instructor
Aaron Lakota Music Lesson Instructor
Jessica Lapachinski Associate Director of Athletics
Michael Lapointe Bus Driver, Security Officer
Robin Lempicki Laboratory Coordinator, Research Supervisor
Paul Lieberman Ensemble Coach
Valerie Linstead Library/Campus Stores Associate
Barbara Lipstadt Ensemble Coach, Music Lesson Instructor
Diane Lively Administrative Assistant to Leadership Gifts and Parent Giving
Gerald Lucier General Kitchen Crew
Lisa Lucier Prep Crew, Salad Bar Manager
Claudia Lyons Language Teacher, Associate Director of Admission
Joseph Lyons History Teacher, History Department Chair
Bruce MacConnell General MacConnell
Christopher MacDougall Security Officer
Teresa Mango Music Lesson Instructor
Felix Margolin Music Lesson Instructor
Charles Marsh Groundsperson
Joseph Marsh General Kitchen Crew
Angela McCarthy Circulation & Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Michael McCarthy Director of Food Services
Joyce McCarvill College Advising Assistant
Deborah McCormick Programmer Analyst
Katherine McKay Director of Gift Planning
Jansen McNay Manager of Administrative Computing
Gretchen McPherson Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Ariel Mieczkowski Greer/Cafe Temporary
Brenda Miller Accompanist, Music Lesson Instructor
Todd Miner General Kitchen Crew
Shawn Miner Dining Hall Prep Crew
Emma Mitchell Fitness Center Manager
Stephanie Mitchell Dining Hall Prep Crew
Thomas Mitzkovitz Prep Crew, Baker
Bernard Motyka Campus Stores Sales Associate/Athletic Dept Equipment Manager
Darla Motyka Athletic Stockroom Assistant
Jean Murphy Advancement Research Assistant
Susan Neal Executive Assistant to the CFO, Summer Program Coordinator, DASAC Registrar
Peter Nilsson Assistant Dean of Faculty, English Teacher
Judie O'Donnell Special Assistant to the Head of School
Terrence O'Toole 50th Reunion Leadership Gifts Officer
Janine Parker Dance Lesson Instructor
Ariel Parkington Ensemble Coach, Music Lesson Instructor
Brian Parsons Dining Hall Prep Crew
Steven Parsons Head Baker
Charlotte Patriquin Interim Director of the Library
David Payne Wilson Fellow, Visual and Performing Arts Teacher
Michelle Perkins Dining Hall Prep Crew
Raymond Perkins Security Officer
Melissa Persons Director of Financial Aid and Student Accounting
Kimberly Pettengill
Kimberly Pettengill Coordinator of Admission Office Mailings
Doreen Phelan Accounts Payable Coordinator
Robert Phelps Ensemble Coach, Music Lesson Instructor
Andrew Philie Associate Director of Admission and Co-Coordinator of Weekend Activities
Darlene Pielock Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students Office
Walter Potyrala Groundsperson
Jessica Remillard Administrative Assistant to Gift Planning and 50th Reunion
Doria Rhodes Children's School Teacher
John Richardson Security Officer
Esther Rocasah Dining Hall Prep Crew
Kate Rolland Director of Nursing
Ann Romberger Director of Leadership Gifts
Andrea Rubinaccio Storeroom Clerk
Cynthia Rucci Cataloging and Circulation Assistant
Traci Sackrey
Traci Sackrey Administrative Assistant to Dean of Admission & Financial Aid
Kathleen Salinetti Groundsperson
Samuel Savage Language Department Chair, Language Teacher
Margaret Scarborough Executive Assistant to the Dean of Students Office
Keith Schempp Dining Hall Storeroom Clerk
Carmel Schettino Math Teacher, Data Coordinator
Michael Schloat English Department Chair
Julianne Schloat Assistant Academic Skills Coordinator
Debora Sears Children's School Teacher
Thomas Sharpe Project Manager, Plant Construction & Maintenance
Melinda Shearer Security Officer
Gregory Shearer Systems Administrator
Bradley Shulda ITS Support Specialist
Stephanie Shumway Dance Lesson Instructor
Gary Sibilia Security Officer
Phillip Snow Security Officer
Heather Sonn Security Officer, Bus Driver
Mark Spencer Director of College Advising
Christopher Stacy Groundsperson
Andrew Stallings English Teacher
Denison Stowe Groundsperson
Holly Stumpo Greer Store Clerk/Cook
William Summers Network Administrator
Lynn Sussman Administrative Assistant to Music Program, Ensemble Coach, Wind Conductor
Ariel Suzuki Ensemble Coach
Jeffrey Swetland Manager, Endowment & Infrastructure Accounting
Donald Szewczyk General Kitchen Crew
Jennifer Tanguay Groundsperson
John Taylor Associate Head of School, Dean of Faculty, Language Teacher
Lynne Taylor Custodial Supervisor
Margaret Temesvari Administrative Assistant to the Director of Alumni Relations
Eleanor Tennyson Louis Cafe Clerk
Norman Therien Athletic Stockroom Assistant
David Thiel Director of Communications, Visual Arts Teacher
James Thompson Groundsperson
Jasmin Timmins Dining Hall Prep Crew
Matthew Tirrell Security Officer
Carrie Towle Ballet & Dance Lesson Instructor, Ballet Coach
Cameron Tucker General Kitchen Crew
Aimee Urgiel General Kitchen Crew
Margaret Van Dyck Dance Lesson Instructor
Kristen Veiga
Kristen Veiga Math Teacher
Timothy Waldron Security Officer
Sharon Walker Salad Chef
Jodi Walsh Help Desk Coordinator
Catherine Warriner Custodian
Megan Washburn Science Teacher
Spencer Washburn College Advisor
Jennifer Whitcomb Director of Dance, Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair
Kristopher Wiemer Manager of Instructional Technology
Elizabeth Wierzbicki Assistant to the Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Milton Williams Director of Facilities
Kenneth Williams Groundsperson
Lindsey Winship Dining Hall Prep Crew
Jan Wondoloski Manager, Facility Services
Timothy Wondoloski Shipping & Receiving Clerk
Billie Jean Wood
Billie Jean Wood Payroll & Benefits Administrator
Cheyenna Woodard General Kitchen Crew
Bradley Woodward Assistant Director of Food Services
Kimberly Wright English Teacher
Paul Yager Theater Technical Director
Sandra Yager Campus Stores Manager
Marjorie Young Director of Inclusion & Community Life, Admission Associate