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The von Auersperg Gallery is used by the school community to foster multidisciplinary collaboration and to be a place of active learning. The exhibits and associated programs are intentionally designed to create a dynamic interaction between the works of art exhibited and themes in our curriculum.

If you wish to make an appointment at the gallery outside of regular hours, please contact Lydia Hemphill.

2015-2016 Exhibitions

The following exhibitions will be taking place in Deerfield’s new von Auersperg Art Gallery throughout the school year.

Human Impact
September 20th – October 30th, 2015
See photos from “Human Impact”

Our hope is that the artwork in the September show will function as a catalyst for a student show in April, 2016. For that show, we have invited students from around the north east to send work with themes relating to human impact, works which consider the cultural, environmental, scientific, or political crossroads at which we now find ourselves. Questions students might consider: how have human beings impacted the planet? What happens to the things we build or make? What is our relationship to nature? What are the consequences of a consumer culture? How could we live differently?

Native America: Art by and of First People
November 8th – December 18th, 2015

“My friend, I am going to tell you the story of my life.”
With these words, Black Elk retrospectively compounds deeply experienced Native sorrow with a profound reverence for all life, in whatever form and color it may come. It is true that Native people inhabited the Americas well before the “white man” arrived from Europe on large ships in the 16th century. The contributions of Native cultures are inextricably tied to the American story, and few regions are as ripe for inquiry in this regard as Deerfield. In connection to his course at Deerfield Academy, Jan Flaska came up with the idea to curate an exhibition celebrating the arts and culture of Native Americans, through their history, their spirituality and their present lives on reservations. Mr. Flaska is a coach, philosophy and religious studies teacher, and Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life at Deerfield.

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