Safety & Security

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Deerfield Academy is committed to creating a safe and respectful learning environment for students, employees, and visitors. This emphasis has resulted in a comprehensive emergency procedures manual, emergency action plan, with proactive concepts and initiatives to maintain a safe and conducive community for learning. Deerfield Academy’s Safety and Security Department works closely with the Dean of Students and Dean of Faculty offices to assisting them in providing an inclusive learning environment. Deerfield’s Safety and Security Department responds to all medical, fire, and services calls. The Safety and Security Department investigates all reported lost or stolen property, accidents, and many other types of calls. By working together as a team all students, faculty, staff, and parents help Deerfield Academy be a safe school to learn, work, and visit.

Emergency Notification Procedures

Deerfield Academy considers safety of the campus community paramount and has created an emergency notification system that combines all of the Academy’s notification tools into a single system. These notifications will address such situations as dangerous weather, hazardous material spills, and other active threats on campus. Deerfield emergency notifications only apply to emergency situations or conditions that pose an immediate or imminent threat to the safety of the campus community or could significantly disrupt its activities. Our emergency notification methods include: emergency text messaging, outdoor sirens, emergency emails, and Daily Bulletin alerts.