Health Center

Health Center TeamA team of professionals provides Deerfield students with comprehensive health care and counseling services at the Health Center, an accredited hospital facility. The medical services are staffed by a full-time physician and nurse practitioner and by registered nurses who are on duty 24/7. With a 10-bed inpatient facility and a busy outpatient clinic, the Health Center is well equipped to care for a majority of illnesses and injuries common to students. Our closest hospital is the Baystate Franklin Medical Center, a 93-bed community hospital with a medical staff of approximately 150 physicians, located five miles away in the town of Greenfield. Our tertiary care center and nearest Level 1 trauma center, the 650-bed Baystate Medical Center, is in Springfield, MA, 30 miles away.

Walk-in services at the Health Center are provided 24 hours per day by the nursing staff. Doctor’s appointments can be scheduled Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:30 pm.

The counseling services are located in the basement of the Health Center. The two doctorate-level counselors on staff provide individual counseling. Common themes in counseling include issues relating to social adjustment, emotional growth, and boarding school life.

A psychiatrist comes to the Health Center weekly to see students in the counseling office.

The Athletic Training Office is in the Athletic Center and is staffed by two full-time athletic trainers, who work with injured athletes. They coordinate a weekly Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Clinic staffed by an orthopedic surgeon from Greenfield.