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  • I’m reading the book Death Be Not Proud about Johnny Gunther, a former Deerfield student, for a school project. Do you have any pictures or information about him?

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    The Deerfield Archives may be of assistance.

  • Is there a way for me to obtain copies of old archival photos?

    Email  the Academy Archives if you are looking for a specific archival photo, that they may be able to find for you. 

  • Are there older copies of the Scroll that I can look at?

    The Boyden Library has older copies of the Scroll available for viewing. You can also get in contact with the Academy Archives for more information. 

  • Where can I find more information about Deerfield’s legendary Headmaster Frank L. Boyden?

    Frank Boyden was Deerfield’s longest serving headmaster from 1902-1968. His time at Deerfield is captured in John McPhee’s 1966 book, The Headmaster. For additional information, please visit the Deerfield Archives.