Athletic Events

Soccer: Junior Varsity Girls tied Loomis

A fun and dramatic 1-1 tie today for the girls’ JVs from Loomis and Deerfield. Loomis showcased an extremely physical and aggressive style of play which offered a good lesson to the DA girls in composure and toughness. If the referees are going to let the players play, well, play on. Many uncalled events characterized the game and the girls gradually adjusted and played on. Loomis drew first blood on a messy melee in the DA area that DA failed to clear and eventually got knocked in. DA responded almost instantly with a Skittles run through the celebrating Loomis defense to even the score. There were no more goals on this beautiful day but there were surely dramatic runs and a lot of DA opportunities that just did not quite find the final reward. As predicted DA had to play at a higher pace that that which we have seen much this year; what was unexpected from a traditionally technical rival was the amount and degree of physical play. Again, a good lesson to learn. Kudos to just about everyone for learning and growing into a type of game we have not had yet; special mention to Shark Bait who leapt up a level in intensity and determination, Melman who covered the back for our multiple injured defenders, Dorito for a very big stop, and of course Skittles who gets the goals. Sprite, too, gets a special nod for a tremendous sprint effort late in the game to run down a fast Loomis forward on a counter after we had held dominant position and created a good number of fine chances. On the whole, a good day: both teams worked hard, kept composure in very physical circumstances, and came away feeling something had been won. On our side we kept the unbeaten streak alive, we continued to develop even with a number of starting players injured, and we learned about a game when the opponent plays very, very physically. Everyone deserves mention, but we will leave it today with applause for the injured girls’ cheering section who never let up throughout the afternoon.