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Soccer: Junior Varsity Girls defeated Kent

A fine game today from the Green, playing late on a SAT Saturday against Kent. The commitment was to play fast and pass to our team, and right away the girls got possession and kept it, triangulating up the field. Good chances ensued, and (of course) Skittles produced the first goal. For most of the game Deerfield was able to maintain possession and work on developing chances; when compared to our last game we were much more successful at changing the point of attack. In the first half we had a lot of looks at goal, even if we passed to their goalie a bit too often, and at half it was 3-0, all from Skittles – a natural hat trick. Our other looks, from Tigger, Squid, Melman, Toucan, and others, sailed over or were corralled by the Kent keeper. The second half began with a charge to keep the clean sheet and get to our 5-0 goal, and both were accomplished about halfway through. While we had some sloppy moments in our organization with the pressure off, it was still impressive to see the team rally and reassert a possession focus down the stretch. Skittles ended with four goals, Melman cracked a fine restart goal, and Jenga began to dominate the right flank as we hope she can. Her work, complementing Shark Bait’s zip, gave Kent no respite throughout. Down a couple of key players we had a fine ‘system’ game today – a tip of the hat to Melman as she showed her versatility stepping in at center back. We will get back to work on Monday and look at getting better.