Tuition covers instruction, room, board, use of laboratory equipment and materials, physical training and athletic privileges, studio art supplies, band and chamber music instruction, admission to all athletic contests, and almost all weekend campus entertainment. International travel and study programs may be offered at additional expense. 

 2015-16 Tuition Academic
Technology Health Center Total
Boarding $54,720 $1,060 $795 $465 $57,040
Day $39,220 $1,060 $795 $190 $41,265

Tuition, however, provides only part of the cost of educating a student at Deerfield. Presently the total cost amounts to over $80,000 per student annually; the difference is made up through the Academy’s endowment along with annual contributions from alumni, parents, and friends.

Payment Options


When a student is accepted at Deerfield, parents will be asked to confirm the acceptance and forward a tuition deposit of $2500 within 4 weeks. This deposit is non-refundable and will be credited to the tuition bill.

While the Academy traditionally bills tuition twice yearly, in July and November, families may subscribe to a monthly payment plan offered through Smart Tuition.  This option allows for the convenience of monthly payments over a nine month period.  There is a small enrollment fee and no interest charges for this plan.