Tuition/Financial Aid


Tuition covers instruction, room, board, use of laboratory equipment and materials, physical training and athletic privileges, studio art supplies, band and chamber music instruction, admission to all athletic contests, and almost all weekend campus entertainment. International programs may be offered at additional expense.

 2014-15 Tuition Academic
Technology Health Care Total
Boarding $52,615 $1,020 $765 $450 $54,850
Day $37,685 $1,020 $765 $185 $39,685

Tuition, however, provides only part of the cost of educating a student at Deerfield. Presently the total cost amounts to over $80,000 per student annually; the difference is made up through the Academy’s endowment along with annual contributions from alumni, parents, and friends. Deerfield does award need-based financial aid for qualified applicants.

Albany-Road-SMALLFinancial Aid

Our financial aid program is designed to bridge the gap between what a family can afford and what it actually costs to attend Deerfield Academy. Our program is need-based; a careful analysis of a family’s financial situation is the basis for all awards. Every student is eligible to apply for financial aid.

Deerfield is committed to enrolling a talented and diverse student body. We believe that the cost of an independent school education should not be a deterrent to prospective families. We are, therefore, determined to provide each student the opportunity to attend, weighing each family’s ability to pay and offering generous financial aid. To achieve this goal the Academy awarded over $7,300,000 in financial aid to 35% of its students for the 2012-2013 school year. The average grant equals 80% of tuition. There are two general, broad categories of needs and grants:

Full-Need Grants

In 2012-2013 over 28% of our financial aid recipients received full-need grants. These full-need grants include 98% or more of tuition coverage as well as other forms of assistance. These can include coverage for laptop and schoolbook purchases, travel allowances, stipends for school supplies, music and dance lessons, and other school-related events and trips. Typically, students who receive full-need grants and grants close to this amount come from families with total income under $80,000 per year and with few additional assets.

Middle-Income Grants

Deerfield has been a leader in the effort to make education affordable for middle-income families for over a decade. These grants vary in size but are utilized to make Deerfield an affordable option for families with incomes that range from $80,000 to $250,000. Home ownership, family size, regional cost of living adjustments, and other factors are considered in the evaluation of a family’s ability to pay. A family’s income falling in this range is not guaranteed assistance, but Deerfield is committed to consider all factors in our evaluation process.

It is important to note that the Admission and Financial Aid Committees make decisions regarding admission to the school and eligibility for financial aid independently. Therefore, all families who are interested in financial aid are encouraged to apply.

Financial Aid Process for US Citizens

Applying for need-based financial aid requires that your family submit an application for financial aid as well as recent income and tax information. An analysis of these documents then determines the size of your student’s financial aid grant. Each grant is an award and does not need to be repaid. To receive more information about Deerfield’s financial aid grants, please fill out our Request for Information form, or if you have specific questions regarding your financial aid application please contact the Financial Aid office.

  • File a financial aid application with School and Student Services (SSS) online at You may file a paper application with the SSS, but it is more expensive and will delay your application processing. Contact the Admission office to obtain a paper version of the application. Your application must be filed with SSS by January 20.
  • Submit signed copies of your most recent tax year 1040 (with all schedules) and W-2s to SSS by February 10. (Business owners must also complete a Business and Farm Statement found online at SSS.)

Late applications will be considered upon receipt.

Financial Aid Process for Foreign Citizens

Deerfield has a very limited financial aid budget for non-US citizens, but we do award financial aid to a few foreign students each year. (Note: Non-resident aliens fall into this category.)  To apply, please follow the procedures for a financial aid application below.

  • File a financial aid application with School and Student Services (SSS) online at sss.nais.orgYour application must be filed with SSS by January 20.
  • We require indication of income and assets. Send appropriate documents showing proof of income and taxes paid to SSS by NAIS in Randolph, Massachusetts by February 20.

Late applications will be considered upon receipt.