The Application

Our online application is provided by Gateway to Prep Schools and can be found online at

Application Part I: Candidate Profile

The Candidate Profile is the first part of the Gateway application; it is accepted by many independent boarding schools and is designed to simplify the completion of biographical information for prospective students and parents. In order for us to best serve you, your Candidate Profile should be submitted well in advance of the January 15 application deadline with the appropriate application fee:

  • For students living in the United States or Canada, the fee is $60.*
  • For students living outside the United States or Canada, the fee is $125.*

* Fee waivers are available by contacting the Admission Office.

Application Part II: Short Answer and Essays

Part II is comprised of three essay requirements. It is also part of the Gateway application, but this section of our application is unique to Deerfield.  The writing sample requirements are as follows:

  • Short Answer
  • Personal Essay
  • Graded Essay

For your Short Answer and Personal Essay, choose questions that are most interesting to you from the prompts we’ve provided. We want you to share with us your perspective, your voice, and your hopes for the future.  Be straight forward or be creative – we’ll appreciate either approach! However you choose to express yourself, we want to understand you as a person and the ways in which you envision yourself contributing to the Deerfield community.

Your Graded Essay, from one of your current academic classes should include teacher comments from one of your current academic classes. You can submit your graded essay one of three ways:

  • Submit your graded essay online. Instructions on how to upload your graded essay are included in Part II of your Gateway application.
  • Email a scanned copy directly to the Admission office
  • Send a copy to the Admission Office via postal mail.

Application Part III: School Report and Recommendations

The Gateway application provides School Report and Recommendation templates for you.  The School Report is to be filled out by your School Counselor, your School Placement Director, or your Head of School/Principal.  Ninth grade applicants: be sure to attach an official transcript that includes your current fall term grades as well as last year’s grades. Tenth grade – PG applicants: please submit your current fall term grades and all previous high school grades.

All recommendation forms are to be completed by your current teachers. Have your teachers fill out your recommendations online, or, if your teachers are more comfortable with paper versions, download the recommendation forms listed below and have your teachers fill them out by hand. Your teachers can send each of your recommendations individually. Recommendations can take time, so be sure to ask your teachers early: late November is a good time to start, giving teachers enough time to get to know you well, but also enough time to assemble a thoughtful recommendation on your behalf. (And thank them afterward!)

The personal recommendation can be completed by a third current teacher, a teacher from a previous year, a coach, a mentor or any other adult who knows you well – as a student and/or community member.

Note that Deerfield accepts students for September enrollment only. Your Gateway application, including your School Report, teacher and personal recommendations, should be submitted on or before January 15, 2016. If you are not able to submit your application by January 15, be aware that we will make every effort to consider late applications, however we cannot guarantee a March 10 notification. If you do not meet the January 15 priority application deadline, please follow our late applicant guidelines.