How to Apply

1. Request Information

Please fill out our Request for Information form to begin the application process. You will receive helpful information about Deerfield and our application.

2. Schedule an Interview

We invite you to come to campus for an interview and a tour. Your on-campus interview will enable the Admission team to better know you, and your visit to campus will give you the opportunity to see our facilities, meet students and faculty, and learn about the Deerfield community.

3. Complete Your Application

We want to know more about you. Deerfield’s application is comprised of four individual parts that are designed to help the Admission Committee understand you as a student and the ways in which you would like to contribute to the Deerfield community.

4. Take Your Standardized Test

The Admission Committee considers your academic standing and your standardized test scores to provide us with a balanced perspective when reviewing your application.

5. Submit Your Application

We understand that applying to schools can be a time consuming and, sometimes, intimidating process. We have created an application checklist to ensure that you have completed and submitted all of the required portions of your Deerfield application.