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Have questions about the Deerfield student experience?

We hope that resources such as the Viewbook will answer your questions, but sometimes the best way to find out what it’s really like at Deerfield is to ask one of our students! Please feel free to send a question to one of our students, using the form at right.

Please note that responses from students may be delayed during holidays and vacations. 

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Camil13Camil ’14

Swanzey, NH (day student)
Interests & Activities: Mathematics, env. science, political philosophy, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, debate, Green Key, tour guide, Chick Flick Appreciation Club, Current Events Club, tenor saxophone, day proctor
Favorite day of the year: Feb. 25

Madeleine13Madeleine ’15

Westmount, QC, Canada 
Interests & Activities: Math, science, swimming, water polo, robotics, trumpet, Community Service Board, Special Olympics volunteer, Green Key, peer tutor
Favorite Dining Hall Meal: Mac and Cheese

David13David ’14

Williamstown, MA
Interests & Activities: Science, hockey, cross country, lacrosse, Current Events Club, photography, Student Council, peer counselor, peer tutor, Green Key
Favorite weekend activity: Broomball

Megan13Megan ’15

Brownsville, TX
Interests & Activities: Spanish, English, history, dance,  swimming, track & field, Student Council, Latin American Student Alliance, Gay Straight Alliance, creative writing
Favorite thing about DA: The supportive environment of teachers, counselors, coaches and friends. 

Doug13Doug ’14

Bedford Hills, NY
Interests & Activities: Soccer, swimming, baseball, Current Events Club, Peer counselor, head environmental proctor, head tour guide
Favorite weekend activity: Athletic contests. Deerfield has always prided itself on having the loudest and most energetic fans.

Sal13Sal ’15

Hong Kong, China
Interests & Activities: Philosophy, history, theater, swimming, Christian Fellowship, band, Meditation Club, International Student Alliance, Student Council, Debate, MUN, robotics, Improv Club, piano, Relay for Life
Favorite weekend activity: Pancakes and Bible study Saturday mornings at Mr. Bakker’s

Tally13Tally ’14

Avon, CT
Interests & Activities: Math, science, soccer, yearbook, ultimate frisbee, Charity Water (President), Big Sister, Habitat for Humanity (Dominican Republic), Head Green Key, peer tutor, dorm proctor, head tour guide
Favorite time of day at DA: Breakfast in the dining hall

Kayla13Kayla ’14

Brooklyn, NY
Interests & Activities: English, science, volleyball, basketball, track & field, Deerfield Black Student Alliance, Latin American Student Alliance, Gay Straight Alliance, Deerfield Diversity Alliance, dorm proctor, Green Key, Second Helpings
Favorite time at DA: Spring term.