Who’s Coming?

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As of April 11, 2014

Grand Classes: 

Bill Dunn ’42 and Sally Dunn
George Bass ’49
John Beard ’49 P’91
Tom Bloomer ’49 P’79,’84,’98 and Arlene Bloomer
A.P. Cook ’49
Bob Dewey ’49 P’77 G’11,’12,’14,’17 and Harriet Dewey
Hal Doyne-Ditmas ’49
Don Dwight ’49 P’79,’03,’04 and Nancy Dwight
Pete Leighton ’49
Rick Littlefield ’49 P’79,’80 and Barbara Toole
Harvey Loomis ’49
John McKey ’49
John McPhee ’49
George Rapp ’49 and Lynne Meena Rapp
Bob Rosenman ’49 and Liz Rosenman
Elizabeth Howe Verrill ’49
Bruce Walker ’49 and Fran Walker
Ed Parker ’50
Don Beaver ’54
Ed Burns ’54 P’86 and Windy Burns
Hank Calam ’54 P’89 and Ann Calam
Sam Chase ’54 P’78,’81 and Aggy Chase
Bob Cushman ’54 and Wendy Cushman
Lanny Dennison ’54 and Alison Dennison
Buzz Dimond ’54 and Charlotte Oliver
Whit Evans ’54 and Jeanette Evans
Hoyt Goodrich ’54 and Sally Goodrich
Rob Grover ’54 and Nancy Grover
Bob Hinckley ’54 P’84 G’05,’07 and Tina Hinckley
Guy Kaldis ’54
Zeke Knight ’54 G’03 and Ellen Knight
Joe Lawrence ’54
Orme Lewis ’54
Ed Metcalf ’54 and Nancy Metcalf
Dave Montgomery ’54 and Kate Montgomery
Pete O’Hara ’54 and Ellen O’Hara
John Peale ’54 and Lydia W. Peale
Charlie Puttkammer ’54 and Cordie Puttkammer
Steven Rockefeller ’54
Pete Sellar ’54
Fred Sillman ’54 and Jane Sillman
Stu Smith ’54 and Carol Smith
Had Talbot ’54 and Louise Talbot
Linus Travers ’54 and Margaret Travers
Eric Widmer ’57 H’57 H’06 and Meera Viswanathan
John Kikoski ’59 P’83
Phil Stevens ’59
Norm Carpenter ’60 and Christie Carpenter
Peter Atkinson ’62
Luke Terry ’63 and Belinda Terry

Class of 1964 (50th):

Bob Adams P’85
Brad Barton and Julie Barton
Bill Blanchard and Mary (Cookie) Blanchard
Jim Britt and Lisa Britt
Bill Burns ’65 P’97 and Ronnie Burns
Phelps Carter P’93 and Judith Carter
Richard Cheek and Betsy Cheek
A.R. Cohen and Michele Langer
Eliot Cutler P’99 and Melanie Cutler
Lowell Davis and Nancy Davis
Tom Diehl
Dave Dowley
Tom Echeverria P’97 and Anne Echeverria
Bill Eddy
Doug Frazier and Gloria Santona
Peter Gabel
Neal Garonzik P’03,’05 and Carlie Garonzik
Bill Gibby
Pat Gillespie
Dave Hagerman P’99 and Brooke Hagerman
John Heath
Larry Heath
Rick Herrick
Dave Higgins
Ted Hume and Renate Hume
Brad Johnston
Jeff Kriendler
Chuck Krogh and Ellen Duenow
Bob Lyle P’91,’95 and Barbara Lyle
Joe Marosy and Bonnie Marosy
Dave Mather and Lindy Mather
Ben McNitt
Doug Mills
Dave Moyer and Caroline Moyer
Chris Mumford P’01 and Bonnie Mumford
Greg Olchowski P’04,’05,’09
Chuck Polan and Carol Polan
David Quigley and Susan Quigley
Bill Rousseau and Kathleen Rousseau
Bayard Russell P’91 and Pamela Russell
Chuck Sethness P’02,’07 and Mary Sethness
Steve Stavrides
Rick Sterne
Michael Terry P’02 and Joan Terry
Gregor Trinkaus-Randall and Vickery Trinkaus-Randall
Bob Turnbull and Mary Anne Turnbull
Peter Van Etten and Peetie Van Etten
John Watson-Jones
Jon Weller and Janine Weller
Peter Whitlock
Dick Whittier

Class of 1969 (45th):

Doug Arnstein and Catherine Arnstein
Robert Clough and JoAnn Clough
Andy Cohn and Virginia Cohn
Mark Ewing P’99,’07 and Becca Ewing
Ken Huber and Hazel Huber
Neil Jacobs
Chris Liipfert
Jamie Rawles and Robin Rawles
Mark Russo and Beverly Russo
Doug Squires P’09 and Maggie Squires
Frederick Tompkins and Rose Tompkins

Class of 1974 (40th):

Fred Bendheim
Jeff Binswanger P’09,’11 and Shauna Binswanger
Peter Bradshaw P’06 and Ellie Bradshaw
Chris Callahan
David DeNunzio P’12 and Jocelyne DeNunzio
Jeff DuFresne and Jodi DuFresne
Herb Falk and Lydia Falk
John Fisher and Jann Freed
Gordie Hafner and Nancy Hafner
Ward Rafferty
Dave Richardson
Dave Rosenfield
Jim Scranton and Ceil Scranton

Class of 1979 (35th):

Jamie Barry and Martha Barry
Ted Beit P’13,’15 and Kathleen Beit
Toby Brewster
Doug Brown and Monica Brown
Lou Bustamante and Concepcion Bustamante
Marc Dancer P’11,’16
Jon Davis P’08
Rich Diver
John Dinneen
Chris Duncan and Reece Joyner
Art Dwight
Ralph Gaines
Dan Goss
Bob Lee
Dave Lucas and Katherine Lucas
Geordie Lunt and Wendee Lunt
Rick McKelvey P’10,’13
Brad Palmer P’16
Dan Pryor P’16
Scott Rippey and Debby Rippey
Tee Rowe
Pete Todd
John Warner
Reed Webster and Margaret Webster

Class of 1984 (30th):

Adam Brauer
Suketu Desai and Purvi Desai
Bill Ettelson
John Fedor-Cunningham and David Fedor-Cunningham
Dave Gulliver and Darla Gulliver
Barry Hinckley
Tucker Holland and Michelle Holland
Bob Lasher and Ali Gilmore
Chris Lippincott and Carol Lippincott
Chip Purrington and Margo Purrington
David Rancourt and Regan Rancourt
Nat Reed
Dan Renaud P’08 and Tracy Renaud
Kristian Simsarian
Palmer Sparkman and Henry Sparkman
Mike Tolentino and Agnes Tolentino
Steve Wayne
Victor Wright

Class of 1989 (25th):

Eric Brinkley
Tyson Byrne
Jacques Cattier
Todd Conklin and Claire Conklin
Ryan Flynn
Graham Gerst and Christy Gerst
Mike Hahn and Rebecca Hahn
Steve Harrick
John Hesse
Brian Higgins and Rebekka Higgins
Chris Hogan and Laura Hogan
Derrick Irwin
Scott Kurdziolek
Gus Lipman and Karen Lipman
Tom Montgomery
J.B. Perrette
John Peters and Jessica Peters
Chris Rigopulos and Jayne Tan
Bryan Sells and Deneta Sells
Chase Sheridan
Doug Sichol and Sylvia Sichol
Warner Swain and Laura Neely
Ryan Timmreck
Edward Williams and Melissa Williams
James Williams-Ness

Class of 1994 (20th):

Liz Greer Anderson and Gary Anderson
Annabelle Apley
Liz Averill
Westray Battle and Katie Battle
Kenton Brown
Ely Bueno
Perry Cohen
T.J. Filip and Wendy Miner
Dan Garrison
Mikey Glazer and Melissa Rappaport
Jon Grenzke and Elizabeth Kensinger
Chris Halpin and Becca Halpin
Paige Hammond
John Hansel and Valerie Hansel
Chris Harrick and Tania Harrick
Judas Hicks
Kacy Hintze
Joan Ingram
Peter Landreth
Mike Laskin and Rachel Laskin
Stephanie Lazar
Jackie Long
Greg Lowry and Amy Batson
Cy Martin
Abby Marwood and Jon Romeo
Shane Miller
Henry Oakey and Mary Woodall Oakey
Deborah Pasachoff and Ian Kezsborn
Jared Paquette and Kristi Paquette
Adam Sichol and Lowey Sichol
Laurel Sucsy
L.T. Thompson and Lela Thompson
Ty Walsh

Class of 1999 (15th):

Amory Barnes
Eli Barnes
Bill Bradbury
Anna Filip
Jill Garrison
Star Gibbs and Kath Gibbs
Alex Jean
Ellie Langevin and Laurie Bishop
Marilynda Longoria and Joseph Greve
Chris Martin and Pamela Martin
Nida Parks and Robert Richardson
Steve Porter and Amy Porter
Khaleilee Scott
Reed Weeden Minor and Stephen Minor

Class of 2004 (10th):

Will Boardman
Nina Delano
David Dunning and Tiffany Marsolek
Panda Ebling
Rachel Gittleman and Kyle Derr
Alex Hammerschlag
Barkley Hickox
Beaux Jones
Mary Helen Keebler and John Hibbert
Alex Kleiner and Alexandra Daum
Erica Mayyasi
Margaret McSpadden
Peter Neville and Amber Ford
Thad Olchowski
Veli Petkova Balin and Bryan Balin
Carolyn Romney
Will Smith
Jess Tang and Benjamin Hansen
Dom Uguccioni
Haley Warden Rodgers and Lauren Warden Rodgers
Melissa Warnke
Lucy Webster and Kevin Huntley
Cricket Whitton
Hillery Williams
Ellie Woodward

Class of 2009 (5th):

Philip Amato
Andrew Ammon
Ard Ardalan
Caitlin Ardrey
Erica Belanger
Michael Bell
Pete Berg
Zach Binswanger
Isabel Bird
Izzy Black
Franz Burda
Wiggs Civitillo
Kathryn Clinard
Rose Cornelson
A.J. Currelley
Grand Dennis
Vietor Evans
Kaitlin Fobare
Caleigh Forbes
Emily Galindo
Jacob Ghitelman
Allie Guggenheimer
Joe Haddad
Josh Hawkins
Mia Hecht
Brian Hess
Samantha Hilson
Jake Ingrassia
Selby Jenkins
Jason Jung
Charles Kim
Jessica Laporte
Michael Morris
Albert Nichols
Alex Nicholson
Charlotte Niedermann
Okie Nwakanma
Donald Okpalugo
Libby Olchowski
Drew Philie
Chris Pielock
Gianni Pizzitola
Natalie Posever
Christina Proctor
Edward Reed
Elizabeth Schieffelin
Robbie Scott
Amy Simmonds
Nick Squires
Grant Stegelmann
Scottie Thompson
Cece Tomi
Becky Umbach
Mara Upson
Sam Weinstein
Niki Wellner
Aarica West
Bea Whitton
Andrew Wood
Emily Woodward
Chad Wrisley and Georgia Crane