Who’s Coming?

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As of February, 2015

Grand Classes:

Peter Atkinson ’62 Former Faculty
Warren ‘Breck’ Breckenridge ’50
Norm Carpenter ’60 and Christine Carpenter
Edison Dick ’55 and Sally Dick
Dennis Furbush ’56
John Hubbell ’55 and Elizabeth Hubbell
Joe Lawrence ’54
Charles McCabe ’50 and Waltraud McCabe
Bruce McEwan ’55 and M.L. McEwan
Frank Michelman ’53
Ed Parker ’50
Ed Purcell Former Faculty and Grace Purcell
Jerry Rood ’55 and Joyce Rood
Cris Schaefer ’55 and Blaire Schaefer
Robert smith ’55 and Rita Smith

Class of 1965 (50th):

Tony Aeck and Frank Hull
David Beisler and Susan Beisler
Thacher Brown and Lloyd Brown
Alan Firestone and B.J. Firestone
Edward Flickinger and Karen Flickinger
Donald Goodheart
Dean Goossen and Jeanne Sheppard
Gary Gordon and Nancy Gordon
Randy Hack and Mary Hack P’01 P’03
Thorn Hart and Mary Ball
Jay Judson and Lauren Judson
Joe Latham and Margaret Latham P’95
Bill Leachman and Mary Leachman
Peter Moyer
Ned Post and Darcy Post
Peter Russell

Class of 1970 (45th):

Michael Bartlett
Keith Mackay P’17, ’18
Stan Makson and Amy Makson P’05
Tara Olson P’02,’05
Charles Trautmann
Thomas Vincent and Angela Vincent

Class of 1975 (40th):

Richard Gray
Bill Jenkins P’09
Andy Storch and Maureen Storch P’10

Class of 1980 (35th):

Jim Butz and Cynthia Butz
Allen Fowlkes and Diane Trester
Peter Krawchuk and Lara Krawchuk
Steve Louis P’12, ’14
Joseph Manory, Former Faculty
John Mattes and Sarah Mattes
Geoffrey Newton P’12 and Mary Newton P’12
Trip Ryan
Kalin Sarasin and Kalika Sarasin
Robert Sartin
Andy Savage and Joanne Savage

Class of 1985 (30th):

Gregory Delts and Nicole Delts
Matt Fox and Margherita Fox P’16
Matt Harrington
George Knight P’16,’17
Dan McNay and Anna McNay

Class of 1990 (25th):

Curry Ford and Gigi Laidan
Josh Hanna and Halicue Hanna
Manoj Massand
Calvin Place and Tara Place
Burr Rutledge
Dan Staniford
Joseph Vitale and Maria Diaz Vitale

Class of 1995 (20th):

Lael Bilzor
Megan Fraker
Lauren (Cvinar) Franklin
Rowan Keenan and Jaime Keenan
Adrian Marshall and Lydia Marshall
Elizabeth Nyman and Bryan Maleszyk
Shantel Moses ’93 Former Faculty and Kevin Ng
Edith Naegele
Ellison Suthoff and Brian Suthoff
Zachary Sweetland and Gretchen Sweetland
Kate Whitman-Annis and Craig Annis
Liz Peterson Wilcoxen

Class of 2000 (15th):

Elizabeth Carr Alleman and Chriss Alleman
K.C. Collins
Addie Conner
Nicholas Garrison
Donielle Sliwa
Guy Smith and Lucee (Burrow) Smith ’02

Class of 2005 (10th):

Allison Berkeley
Cassie Buckhart
James Canning
Mike Collins
Russ Follansbee
Annie Gibbons
Ian Hinsdale
Jules Hulburd
Sara Hutchins
Charles Hymen and Hali Lapidus
Pavel Kamyshev
Rachel Kanter
Meggie Kempner
Josh Kohn and Ann McPherson
Ann Redpath
Gus Spaulding
Ian Thomson
Woodrow Travers and Claudine Travers
Peter Tufo
Caroline Woodworth

Class of 2010 (5th):

Eric Bertin
Parker Bordeaux
Cecilia Buerkle
Libby Burrus
Samantha Byrne
Jack Cone
Brian Cox
Bea Crawford
Bailey Daum
Tucker Dayton
Claudia Easton
Albert Ford
Lilly Havens
West Hubbard
Jacque Hulburd
Madeline Keeshan
Finn Leslie
Connor McInerney
Jennifer Mulrow
Emmie Murphy
Lilly Nolan
Julia Pielock
Connor Scott
Will Scott
Else Sharp
Sally Storch
Emily Swarts
Roger Tejada
Margaret Tomlinson
Julia Trehu
Elizabeth Tubridy
Robert Villeneuve
Charlie Von Arentschildt
Katherine Walker
Harrison Weidner
Kathryn Weller
Jeannie Witmer
Elizabeth Wood
John Zurlo