Alumni News

Letter from the President of the Executive Committee

October 16, 2012

Deerfield TodayGreetings Alums!

It is with great pleasure that the Executive Committee and the Alumni Relations Office are able to offer this new e-newsletter for the Deerfield Alumni Association.

In this inaugural edition, you will see an array of Deerfield-related articles and links to events, sports scores and other school news. Some highlights include: Look To The Hills, Deerfield’s Summer Institute, and the Executive Committee’s newest initiative, Opening Doors, a student internship program partnering with Deerfield alumni.

Our objective is to provide this to you on a recurring basis, but we first want to hear your feedback and then fine tune the publication.  So, please send us an e-mail at the following link ( and let us know what you think, what is missing, how you like the format, etc.

I want to acknowledge the hearty efforts of the Executive Committee’s IT & E-newsletter Subcommittee, Jenny Hammond of the Alumni Relations Office and the Office of Communications.

Best regards,
P.B. Weymouth III, ’83
President, Executive Committee of the Alumni Association