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Look to the Hills 2014

Come to Deerfield Academy July 31-August 3, 2014 for a long weekend of intellectual stimulation in an informal and familiar setting. Join other alumni, parents and friends as a select group of Deerfield teachers bring their knowledge and passion to a variety of topics in the classroom. Spend your afternoons enjoying more classes or exploring the surrounding area with other activities.

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July 31, 2014 
Deerfield Academy; 7 Boyden Lane, Deerfield, MA map  
August 3, 2014 

Who's Coming

Name Primary Deerfield Affiliation Spouse / Guest Name Spouse / Guest Primary Deerfield Affiliation
John Kikoski Class of 1959    
Suzanne Huebsch Parent    
Raju Venkatraman Parent Jayashree Venkatraman Parent
Alicia Grace Parent    
Philip Livingston Class of 1961    
Jim Doherty Class of 1951 Mary Lou Doherty Other
Marc Brahaney Parent Sue Robichaud Other
Nancy Mulrow Parent    
Roseanne Weinstein Parent    
Janet Schloat Other    
Peg Underhill Other    
Hillary Stewart Other    
David DeCamp Class of 1976 Missy DeCamp Parent
Jonathan Horton Parent Tiffany Horton Parent
Gibbs Roddy Parent    
Barbara Thomson Parent    
Blake Witherington Parent Margo Witherington Parent
Jim Dinneen Class of 1980    
Lesley Koeppel Parent David Koeppel Class of 1976
Pat King Parent Norm Ward Parent
Alyssa Victor Parent    
Dorothy Douglas Parent    
Bernie Moran Class of 1953    
Susan McCaw Parent    
Anthony Atwell Class of 1953    
Lauren Driscoll Parent John Driscoll Parent
Joan Greene Parent    
Fred Sillman Class of 1954 Jane Sillman Other
Bill Mulrow Parent Teddy Mulrow Parent
Patricia Halpin Parent Tom Halpin Parent