Class Notes

’52 News

June 15, 2012

The following ’52 notes were compiled by J. R. Allen:

Last May, Bill Hinshaw and a small group of his friends and their accumulated families held a reunion on “their” beach at the mouth of Newport Bay, CA. They had changed mightily since the late forties through early fifties. Bill tried the surf and found it as he had remembered, but several others decided not to cope. He writes “They were probably wiser than I in that, but there are some things one can never give up, especially when I had had to leave it every year to go back to Deerfield. Hopefully we will do it again next year and keep going back.”

Jim and Nancy Hays recently visited Dick and Verena Montague. The picture shows them having dinner on the Garden Terrace of the Romantikhotel Richard Löwenherz [Richard the Lionheart] in Dürnstein-on-the-Danube in Austria. In the picture, Verena and Jim are to the left, Nancy and Dick are to the right. The foundations of the hotel date back to the founding of the Nunnery of the Order of St. Clara in Dürnstein in 1289. The hotel provides a commanding view of the surrounding Wachau wine district.

From J.R.: I had the pleasure of speaking with Virginia Warren, Jump Joe Bob Warren’s wife, a few weeks ago. They live in Bedford, NH, and to the best of my knowledge, Bob has more grandchildren than any other member of our class: twelve.

J.R. Allen Class of 1952