Class Notes

News from Dick Boyden ’52

February 8, 2012

In October 2011 Dick Boyden ’52 celebrated his seventy-eighth birthday at the Montana de Fuego Lodge just outside of Fortuna, Costa Rica. Dick and his girlfriend Linda Genest were part of a sixteen-person group tour “Real Affordable Costa Rica,” sponsored by Overseas Adventure Travel.

Earlier in October, Dick drove to Greenwich, CT, and joined John Horton ’52 for a drive into New York City to attend the Deerfield gala dinner and evening program at the American Museum of Natural History that kicked off the forthcoming “Imagine Deerfield” campaign to raise two hundred million dollars for the Academy over the next five years. They mingled with approximately eight hundred Deerfield alumni, students, parents, faculty, and friends of the School. The din of voices was mind-numbing. They sat at a sort of Class of ’52 table and were joined by Art ’52 and Susie Schwarz, Alan Samuels ’52, our Hindle Chair recipient Nils Ahbel, Aaron Daniels ‘53 and his wife, and, finally, a lovely Deerfield senior co-ed member of the Deerfield Chorale that performed beautifully that evening. It was a fun evening of shouted conversations back and forth.