Cell Phone Policy

If you provide your cell phone number to the Academy, it will be added to Deerfield’s TXT emergency notification system. Students are permitted to carry cell phones, provided they limit calling, texting, and app use to the following locations:

  • Dormitories
  • The Greer Store
  • The Louis Café and Starfield (no calls: texting and apps only)
  • The benches in front of the Main School Building (for pick-up/drop-off only)
  • The Deerfield Student Lounge (formerly the Day Student Lounge)
  • Anywhere when the emergency notification system has been activated

Please respect requests to remove cell phones from situations where privacy may be a concern, particularly locker-rooms and bathrooms, faculty residences, and others’ dorm rooms.

Additionally, it is expected that all students carry their cell phones with them when traveling beyond Main Street of Old Deerfield. Students are asked to provide cell phone numbers on off-campus sign-outs.

Inappropriate use of a cell phone results in a one-day confiscation. Repeated infractions result in longer confiscations.