Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

The legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one. Further, the Academy forbids the use, purchase, attempted purchase, possession, distribution, and sale of alcohol and illegal drugs—even for students of legal age. Similarly, the Academy forbids the possession of equipment or paraphernalia—including vaporizers, personal vaporizers, and electronic smoking devices—involved in the use of illegal drugs. Students who choose to remain in the presence of others who are violating this rule—regardless of the level of their participation—will be considered to have violated a major rule of the Academy. The Academy also reserves the right to test students for drugs and alcohol, read more about the school’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy. Any student who knows of any violations should tell an adult at the Academy right away, read more about the Academy’s Whistle Blower Policy

Prescription Drugs

The Academy forbids the misuse or misappropriation of prescription drugs. Misuse includes taking a prescription drug or being in possession of a prescription drug that has been prescribed for a different person. Misappropriation includes acquiring drugs from any source other than the student’s Healthcare provider or the Health Center; it also includes cases when a student provides a prescription drug to another student who was not the intended recipient of that drug. Psychotropic medication, a class of medication that requires special supervision in a boarding school environment, may only be used in strict accordance with the Psychotropic Medication Policy, which is available upon request from the Health Center.