Wired Projection – Small Auditorium

  • On projector remote, press On to turn on projector.
  • Turn on sound.  The amplifier is on the shelf below and to the right of the projector.  The Power/Volume knob is at the top right on the front of the amplifier.  When first turned on, leave the volume at a somewhat low lever and adjust up as necessary once audio begins.
  • Press the Computer 1 on the NEC Remote to display image.
  • The VGA cable is in the left hand closet when looking at the stage.  Pull it out to the stage and plug it into the video adapter and the video adapter into the MacBook’s video port.
  • The audio cable will run from the booth to the stage passing through the booth window.  Plug the audio cable into the MacBook’s audio port.
  • When done:
    • Turn off projector by pressing the Off button on the projector remote.
    • Disconnect the MacBook and return cables to their respective homes.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If no picture:
    • Make sure the lamp is on.
    • Check the power cord to the projector to make sure it’s properly plugged in on both ends.
    • Check to make sure Computer 1 has been selected.  A second press may be required.
    • Press the Pic Mute button on the lower left corner of the remote.
  • If no audio:
    • Check the power cord to the amplifier to make sure it’s properly plugged in on both ends.
    • Make sure the amplifier is turned on.  Turn up the volume.