Install Epson Interactive Software

  • Using a White MacBook, click on Shared.
  • Using a MacBook Air, click on the Go menu and select Connect to Server
    Enter the following in the address window:  smb://
    When prompted enter your Deerfield Network UserID and Password
  • Go to Software Downloads
  • Go to Macintosh
  • Go to Epson Interactive Projector
  • If teaching Rooms 37, 38, 43, or 46, copy the following files to your Desktop
    • EasyInteractiveDriver102.pkg
    • EasyInteractiveTools2.dmg
    • TeamBoardDraw912.pkg (optional)
  • If teaching in any other room, copy the following files to your Desktop
    • EasyInteractiveDriver2.dmg
    • EasyInteractiveTools2.dmg
    • TeamBoardDraw912.pkg (optional)
  • Run the downloaded files in the same order as listed above.  Reboot when prompted after installing the Easy Interactive Driver.
  • If desired, add the icons for Easy Interactive Driver (users in Rooms 37, 38, 43, and 46 only), Easy Interactive Tools, and Team Board Draw to your dock or Desktop for easier access.