Wireless Projection – Garonzik

If touch panel is dark:

  • Press touch panel to wake it up
  • Press Turn System On
  • Press Make sure windows are closed before selecting a source

If touch panel is lit up:

  • Press Lan or Wireless
    • If touch panel was dark, this will turn on projector, trigger screen and shades to drop, and set input to LAN.
    • If touch panel was lit up, this will change input to LAN.
  • When system is ready, Application Menu screen with Image Express Utility highlighted will appear projected image
  • On MacBook, go to Applications. Open Image Express Utility folder.  Double click on Image Express Utility to run program.
    • Select Airport from Network Ports drop down menu


    • Click on IP Address… button. Enter IP Address of Garonzik projector. IP Addresses are listed by room in the DA Wireless Projector spreadsheet. Click OK.


    • Check box next to Garonzik and click Connect. The MacBook image will appear on projector.
    • When done:
      • Quit Image Express Utility (Command+Q or Quit from the Image Express Utility menu).
      • Press Turn Off Projector which triggers projector to turn off and screen and shades to retract

NOTE: Audio is not available through a wireless connection.