AV1 Technology

AV1 has been updated to a TBL (Team Based Learning) style classroom.  The room can be used for in-class presentations utilizing the large flat panel display; or it can be used for team-based exercises and experiences utilizing the 4 pods each with its own flat panel display in conjunction with the large flat panel display.

For more information about this new space and to discuss how one might use it, please contact Kristopher Wiemer (Instructional Technology Coordinator, x1444, kwiemer@deerfield.edu).

In-Class Presentations (Large Flat Panel Display Only)

This room has the ability to display content from a laptop, Apple TV, Blu-Ray player, and document camera.  To get started, tap the screen of the touch panel to the left of the Instructor Monitor.

  • Tap Instructor Inputs on touch panel
  • Tap Wall Monitor on touch panel (flat panel will not turn on until after you select a source)
  • Click on source below for further instructions:

Team-Based Learning (All Flat Panel Displays)

Students work at individual pods with the ability to display to the monitor at their pod. The teacher can monitor progress by walking around the room or view individual pod monitors on the Instructor Monitor.  The teacher can use the Instructor monitor to prepare materials that can then be displayed to either the Large Flat Panel Display or to all 5 displays in the room.  To get started, tap the screen on the touch panel to the left of the Instructor Monitor

  • Use the Instructor Monitor
  • Use the Large Flat Panel Display to Share Instructor Materials and/or Student Work
    • NOTE: When the Wall Monitor is selected, both Wall and Instructor Monitors will display the same content
  • Use the Pod Monitors
    • NOTE: There is no audio from the pod monitors.  If sound is needed, users should use headphones or computer speakers.
  • Display to All Monitors
    • Tap All Monitors on touch panel
    • Tap Instructor Inputs or Student Stations
      • Select source from input options (HDMI, VGA, Blu-Ray, Apple TV, Document Camera, Student Monitors 1 -4)
    • Selected source will appear on all 5 monitors and Instructor Monitor
      • Instructions for individual sources can be found above.