Naviance Family Connection

naviance_logoNaviance will be a critical and helpful tool in your college search; this page describes steps of the college process that you will need to complete through Naviance. We will be submitting all materials electronically this year to help streamline the application process, as well as be more environmentally conscious!

Register for Naviance Family Connection (if you have not already done so!)

  1. Email Ms. McCarvill if you need a registration code.
  2. Go to Naviance, and bookmark this page! Note: You must use your Deerfield email address as your username.

Complete the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) section on the Common Application website (after August 1). Once completed, enter your Common Application username and password on your Naviance account. This information is used only for the purpose of electronic submission of your recommendation forms and transcripts to colleges. In order for us to submit teacher recommendations, it is in your best interest to waive your rights. You must have confidence the teachers you ask to write on your behalf will be fair and accurate in recommending you in a positive light to college. Colleges tend to take the recommendation more seriously when rights have been waived, and they know the recommendation is secure and confidential.

Update the list of colleges you’re considering. Under “colleges I’m thinking about,” you should enter the list of colleges and universities that you’re currently considering. To add colleges:

  1. Click on “add to this list
  2. Click on “lookup” and search for the college you want to add. If the college is not on the list, use the search function or browse by alpha.
  3. Click on “add colleges” once you’ve entered all of the schools you want to add (if you do not do this step, the colleges will not be added to your list!)
  4. To delete colleges, check the box in front of the college’s name, and click “remove from list

Review options. Once you sign in, you’ll see the options available to you. To move from one section to another, click the links.

  • About Me – this section allows you to store information about your college process and track the list of colleges you’re considering and eventually applying to.
  • About College – this section allows you to research colleges (see below)

A few notes about the “my profile” section: The GPA listed for returning students is through junior year; new students will not have a GPA. Test scores will be updated for all students as new test scores are received from College Board.

Research Colleges: You can use Family Connection to help you research college opportunities.

  • College Search allows you to search for colleges based on specific criteria
  • College Lookup lets you look up specific colleges, where you can review college information, see statistics about Deerfield applications to that college, and link to the college’s website.
  • College Compare shows Deerfield application statistics for a selection of colleges
  • Scattergrams charts four years of Deerfield admission activity at specific colleges.

Discuss your plans. As you do your research and make your college plans, be sure to touch base regularly with your college advisor. Your college advisor has access to your account. Any questions? Ask your College Advisor!