Signout Policies

Off-Campus Signout

Students leaving campus for any reason must complete an off-campus signout form. “Campus” extends from the River to the Rock, and from Savages Market to the intersection of Old Main Street and Routes 5&10; the north and south meadows are considered part of campus.

Overnight Permissions Form

The Overnight Permission Form should be used by any student who wishes to leave campus for an overnight trip–including weekends.   (Please note that for trips requiring classes to be missed, you must first have an approved “Pursuit of Excellence” request.) The process for Overnight form submission and approval is as follows:

  1. Complete the Overnight Permissions Form
  2. You will receive a confirmation on-screen and in email. Your dormitory resident will also receive a copy of your request via email.
  3. Unless you hear from the Dean’s office that your request has not been approved (within 48 hours), you should assume approval.
  4. By Friday morning, students should go online to View Overnight Approvals, and print the confirmation of your approved overnight request.
  5. Please tape a copy of your confirmation to the door of your room; remove it when you return from your trip.

Just for Faculty

Faculty who take students off campus for any reason must sign out those students.

Dormitory sleepovers require the completion of paper forms, to be posted in the guests’ and in the host’s dormitory. Faculty should report sleepovers using the Sleepover Reporting Form or to the SOC by phone at 413-772-9070.

Faculty may find check-in procedures and the eSignout Log online (password required).