Student Jobs on Campus

There will be opportunities for students to work on campus, including at the Greer Store and elsewhere. Students who wish to be hired for one of these jobs should be aware of VERY STRICT paperwork to satisfy Form I-9 requirements.

The Department of Homeland Security’s US Citizenship and Immigration Service requires Deerfield Academy to obtain OFFICIAL COPIES of certain documents before, or within three days after work begins. Prospective student employees must establish identity and employment authorization to satisfy these requirements to work in the United States. Advance planning can help make those documents available when needed.

Often, we have run into situations in which students had difficulty obtaining OFFICIAL COPIES kept at home. They could not start or continue working as a result.

If you think your son or daughter will wish to apply for a student job, we encourage you to bring the documents to the opening of school.


Contact Jan Kari, Director of Human Resources by email or phone (413-774-1403).