Reservations and Catering

Box Lunches

Order forms for boxed meals will be distributed at sports practice on Monday, a full week before the event,  if meals are needed. The order form needs to be completed and returned to the Athletic Office by Wednesday of the week before the athletic contest (seven days before a Wednesday event and ten days before a Saturday event).

All supplies will be ready for pick-up in the hallway outside the Storeroom in the Dining Hall (lower level) on the day of the event.


Please note that all catering orders must be placed in advance. Required lead-time varies with the complexity of the order.

Simple Orders

Do not require staff or special menus/planning. An example of a simple order would be coffee and pastry for a meeting or a luncheon in the North Room that uses the Dining Hall menu for the meal. These orders must be received by the Wednesday before the event week, Monday to Sunday (5 days notice on the Monday functions, 11 days notice on the Sunday events). This includes items for personal use such as the purchase of chicken breasts or steaks. Contact Janet Boston at x1521 or by email.

Complex Orders

Orders involving staffing, special menus, remote location, etc. must be received two weeks in advance. This means orders must be received by the Wednesday two weeks before the event, (12 days notice on the Monday functions, 18 days notice on the Sunday events). A price quote will be provided and the final confirmation, including guest count and all other details, must be confirmed by the Wednesday before the event. Contact Janet Boston at x1521 or by email.

Coffee Room Supplies

Orders will need to be placed by the end of business on Mondays for delivery on Tuesday. The order can be faxed to the Dining Hall (413-774-1621) or emailed to Roger Doiron and Donald Charest. There will not be any pickups at the Dining Hall between deliveries.

Dormitory Food

Milk for Corridors

Half gallons of milk to be used for the corridor can be picked up after dinner in the kitchen by the faculty resident.

Corridor Supplies

Bread, peanut butter, jelly, macaroni & cheese, pasta, and sauce to be used on the corridor need to be ordered on Tuesday before 12:00 pm for pick up after dinner on Thursday. These items can be ordered online.


Each corridor is entitled to one free feed per term from the Dining Hall. During the fall and spring, the feed will be a hamburger/hot dog cookout with chips, condiments, cookies, fruit, and milk. During the winter term, grinders will replace the hamburgers/hot dogs. Other substitutions may be allowed. Call Janet Boston at x1521 or email her to schedule feeds. Please order the feed by the Wednesday before the date for which the feed is scheduled.

Corridor masters can order other supplies from the Dining Hall for feeds following the guidelines above for catering.

Equipment Use

The equipment Dining Services owns is available for employees’ personal use, providing it is not needed for a school event and is returned in the same condition. Grills, coolers, tables, and chairs are examples of equipment that is available free of charge. Consumables, such as food, paper supplies, and charcoal may be purchased and are covered by the catering procedures. There may be a charge for delivery/setup. Linen tablecloths and napkins are available, and there is a charge for washing and ironing them. Dinnerware is available for use for a small fee. To request the use of equipment contact Janet Boston at x1521 or by email.


Please notify the Dining Hall if you anticipate having a guest. If more than two people are expected, please give as much notice as possible.

Reserving the North & South Rooms, Parker Room, and Dining Hall Lobby

These rooms and the lobby can be reserved by contacting Janet Boston at x1521 or by email, by Thursday of the week before. If a catered event is being held and the menu to be served is the same as the Dining Hall menu for that meal,  there will be no charge and a student waiter will be assigned to serve the meal. Please cancel if your plans change, as there is often a waiting list to use these rooms.