Course Change Requests

The student-initiated course change request period has ended. All requests must now be submitted by your advisor. At this time, only level changes will be considered.

It is REQUIRED that students have a face-to-face conversation with their current teacher(s) about why they would like to switch out of a class, and about the potential implications of a schedule change, before requesting that their advisor submit the Course Change Request form on their behalf. NO course change requests will be considered until students have met this requirement.

Course change requests are not automatically granted, but are reviewed with respect to your long-range academic program, as discussed with an advisor, and the limitations of the established class schedule. If there is a disagreement, Chairs of the relevant departments should be consulted. When Chairs cannot resolve the issues, they will consult the Director of Studies.

We will continue to make every attempt to maintain balance of class size and gender, while causing as little disruption to the student’s schedule as possible.

Requests will be processed in the order in which completed forms are received.