Graduation Requirements

All students are required to take:

  • Five graded courses during each term of their Deerfield careers. Students may also choose to take some Visual and Performing Arts courses as 6th courses pass-fail, or petition to take a sixth graded course. 
  • Four years of English, at least one to be taken during each of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. Doubling up in any one year does not satisfy another year’s requirement.
  • Three years of mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II; Geometry can be taken in the same year as either Algebra I or II).
  • Three years of one foreign language or, with special permission of the Language Department, two years each of two foreign languages. Students for whom English is a second language have no foreign language requirement.
  • Two years of history: one year of non-U.S. taken in either freshman or sophomore year; and one year of U.S. History, usually taken in the junior year.
  • Two years of laboratory science.
  • Two terms of Visual/Performing Arts (three and four-year students only).
  • One term of Philosophy or Religion (three and four-year students only).
  • One term of Health Issues (taken in sophomore year as a sixth, non-credit course; required of three and four-year students only)

A student in good standing shall be eligible for a Deerfield diploma upon successful completion of all courses.

Depending on the grade level when entering Deerfield, students must complete all requirements. While students who enter Deerfield as juniors or seniors are not strictly held to these requirements, the school believes they offer appropriate guidelines and expects all students to fulfill them as best they can.

In addition to completing the academic requirements listed above, participation in athleticstheatercommunity service, or some significant afternoon activity or program each term is required of all students.

A four-year planning worksheet is available as a PDF to assist in visualizing a suitable four-year course of study.