Course Requests

Online Resources

When planning course requests, students should keep graduation requirements in mind. In order to ensure that you meet these requirements, be sure to consult the Departmental Course Maps and sample four-year programs, and use the four-year program planning worksheet.

Submitting Course Requests

New students submit their course requests using the online Course Request tool on DAinfo.

Returning students submit their requests online in conjunction with their advisor.

Please refer to the course request guidelines for year-by-year information that will assist you with making your choices. In early summer, department chairs will review and consider your requests and, in mid-August, we will send you your final schedule.

Course Change Requests

If at any time after submitting your course requests you wish to make a change, we ask that you first consult with your advisor. You should then fill out the online course change request form with your request for courses to add and courses to drop. Course change requests are not automatically granted, but are reviewed with respect to your long-range academic program, as discussed with an advisor, and the limitations of the established class schedule. Ordinarily, any changes must take place within the first two weeks of a term, and all changes must be approved by the Academic Dean’s office.