The Almanac includes all the details of living and learning at Deerfield, from how to register for courses, to details on how to connect your computer to the network.


Class schedules, course registration information, and a guide to how you might sculpt your four year academic program.

College Advising

How to select the right college, plan for standardized testing, ensure NCAA eligibility, and coordinate with your advisor on preparing and submitting your applications.

Sports and Co-Curriculars

 Sports, the Arts, Community Service, and other pursuits await.

Campus Life

“Life at Deerfield” details like what to pack, places to shop/eat/pray, how to travel off campus, and how to be a leader on campus.

Rules and Expectations

Rules and campus details like dress code, curfews, visitation guidelines, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse hundreds of commonly asked questions from virtually every department at Deerfield.

ITS Help Desk

Connect to printers–or get support for your laptop, your devices, and more…including all the technology that energizes Deerfield classrooms.