Coffee Pods = New Era

September 16, 2013

If you drink coffee, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a major change in our coffee service at Deerfield since last year.  By switching to compostable coffee pods from Baronet, we have ended our landfill disposal of single-brew disposable K-cups–numbering 32,000 during the last school year alone. It is disappointing that the plastic/foil wrappers around the new pods must be landfilled–but the food packaging industry is racing to solve this problem, and we are confident a compostable wrapper too will eventually be developed.  Nonetheless, we estimate this change to pods will reduce our landfilled waste from coffee stations by upwards of 90% (when comparing the weight of the landfilled foil wrapper versus the combined weight of the K-cups, coffee grounds, and associated water). –Dave Purington