Sign Up for Winter Co-curriculars Oct. 10-12

October 8, 2012

Winter co-curricular sign-ups will take place October 10-12. Sign up here!


CO-CURRICULAR REQUIREMENT:  Every Deerfield student is required to be involved in a co-curricular activity each term.  These activities range from interscholastic sports, recreational sports, and dance to community service, yearbook and theatre. We encourage freshmen and sophomores to participate in interscholastic sports for two seasons each year.  Students identified as having a strong interest and talent in the performing arts (dance, music, theatre) may petition the Co-curricular Committee for an exemption to this requirement. (From DA to Z)

Interscholastic Sports:

Alpine Skiing (Helmets are required)
Swimming & Diving

Recreational and Intramural Sports:  All recreational and intramural sports are offered as co-ed programs.

Alpine Skiing: Open to all classes; meets 4 days a week. Lift tickets and transportation fee is approximately $500. Students must provide own equipment. Snowboarders welcome.  HELMETS ARE REQUIRED.

Dance: Open to all students.  Participation in dance satisfies the co-curricular requirement.
Nordic Skiing: Open to juniors and seniors; meets 4 days/week. Students must provide own equipment; Fees TBD.  Limited enrollment.

Squash: Open to juniors and seniors; enrollment will be capped at 30.  Meets 4 days a week; student must provide own racquet, appropriate sneakers, protective eyeglasses and squash balls.

Special Exercise: Open to seniors only.  Options include a combination of free weights, Nautilus and cardiovascular workouts; limited enrollment.  Meets 4 days /week. Seniors can only participate in Special Exercise for one term during the school year.

Step Team: Open to all classes; work on routines to step at varsity home basketball games and for team competition; meets 5 days a week with weekend commitments.

Art Exemption: Open to any student for one term per school year.  Please see Mr. Dickinson for forms and guidelines.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: If you sign up for an athletic option, your co-curricular commitment is fulfilled. You cannot sign-up for an athletic option and a community service option during the same term.  However, part-time community service (1 or 2 days) can be combined with a recreational sport to fulfill your co-curricular commitment.  A full-time community service commitment requires 4 days of service.  Projects include:

  • Work with the Elderly
  • Work with Youth
  • Community Meals (Monday Only)
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Greenhouse Gardening

Co-Curricular Exemption for Visual and Performing Arts:  Applications for a co-curricular exemption must be submitted to: Mrs. Pielock in the Dean of Students Office no later than Friday, October 12th 2012.

Theatre/Theatre Tech: Actors, Dancers, Musicians and Technicians are needed for the winter theatre production of The Little Shop of Horrors, the Musical

Yearbook: Open to all students

***No changes will be allowed in co-curricular activities after the first two weeks of class***