Safe Traveller Tips from ITS

December 13, 2010

The staff in ITS wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a relaxing break

We also want to share some tips for safe and responsible computing while off campus:

  1. Many of you will be traveling with your Deerfield laptop. To ensure that it arrives safely at your destination, the laptop should be carried with you inside a protective bag while travelling.  It should not be checked on a plane/bus or locked in a car.
  2. Public wireless networks are often insecure.  If you opt to use an insecure wireless network, please be aware that anything you do has the potential to be captured by other people using the same wireless network.  This includes the websites you visit, the usernames and passwords you use, etc.  [On a Mac you can tell if a wireless network is secure by clicking on the wireless strength indicator located on the top menu bar and looking for a lock symbol.  On Windows XP, the first time you connect to a new wireless network it will prompt you if it is an insecure network. ]
  3. The security of public computers in airports or other public places is unknown and there is a strong risk of spyware.  We recommend that do not access any confidential information from these computers.
  4. Confidential Deerfield Academy information should not be stored locally on your laptop or other mobile device and should not be transferred via email.  Contact the Help Desk if you need advice on how to securely access or share confidential information while off campus.

Thank you for your attention to these important travel tips.  Additional computer security information can be found at